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What can we do for you?

  • Create science shows and introduce you to a range of artistic and scientific collaborators.
  • Carry out your own public engagement (PE) for you.
  • Deliver public talks.
  • Consult on diverse aspects of biomedical science.
  • Train your researchers and facilitate training workshops.
  • Develop workshops/events for you to deliver yourself.
  • Bring cutting-edge science into your schools.
  • Contact us to enquire about research collaborations.


Working with local primary schools!
Please get in touch if oyu’d Like to commission us to deliver some science workshops in your school.  We don’t believe in demonstrating activities for pupils and we promise that the workshops will be hand-on, last around 45 min per group of 12 and are very competitively priced. 

To this end, wehave been working with some outstanding pupils and teachers at Canal View and Currie Primary schools. Both schools took part in some science workshops, funded by the Insititute of Physics in Scotland the and the Society for General Microbiology.  They made rainbows with torches, water and mirrors; measured the speed of light using just a microwave, chocolate and their own brain power; made gas (!) with a competition to see which group could fill the balloons the fastest; learned about antibiotic resistance; made slime and learned about the application of force to polymers and finally used a microscope to look at some fossils and a bird feather. Canal View also worked with Electric Voice Theatre and composed some music for 'Scottish Superwomen of Science', which ran at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe throughout August, with the p7 classes from both schools being able to attend for free. Please see the News page for more information. 

Scientific outreach

Science shows for schools



Dr P ( Phd) I can see, 
you know more about those bugs than me. 
Looking through a microscope, 
I wonder how you can cope, 
with crawling living things so small, 
some they say, that could kill us all. 
And yet you revel in your work, 
a calling from which you will not shirk. 
A scientist through and through, 
and I admire the things you do. 
I wish you well, in your new venture , 
in which people, perhaps like me, 
could buy a small debenture. 
If good wishes would finance your project, 
then just by some friendly logic, 
you would be well set for life
and suffer no more financial strife.
But all I can rightly send
is crazy rhymes from a friend.
Good Luck best wishes break a leg
and just go and knock them dead.

(© David Holmes 2013) 

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"Thanks again for coming along last night!  I was happy to see some interesting questions pop up during the Q&A; clearly, the people who stuck around were quite engaged" Mr Nico Kronberg July 2014 , British Science Association (Edinburgh & South East Scotland Branch)

"I just wanted to drop you and the team a line to say thanks for providing the workshop at the Museum Late... was busy and the visitors were enjoying the session..." Ms Leanne Roberts Feb 2014  National Museums Scotland

"I just wanted to say a huge thanks for being part of our Dino Night event.  I popped past and saw you had a very captive audience..." Mr Craig Fletcher May 2013 (Learning Manager  - Informal & Events) National Museums Scotland

"Thank you so much for contributing your time and efforts at Bang Goes the Borders 2012.  Your Bad Bugs workshop was hugely enjoyed by the participants"
Dr Sara Shinton Sept 2012 Shinton Consulting Ltd.