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Science Communication

Researches need to be thinking about how to create "impact", deliver "more bang" for their bucks and get their research out into the public domain so that people know what they money is being spent on and why it's important. 

However, scientists (and bio-engineers) are paid to carry out research, so why not engage Novo Science to do this for you? I'd be delighted to hear from anyone who wants to get his or her research "out there".

Public engagement for Researchers

We can help with
  • Creating activities, workshops or demonstrations for you to deliver at science festivals
  • Working with you to design and deliver workshops or doing so on your behalf
  • Taking your work out into the community (art galleries, shopping centres, community centres, etc) 

 - Work with us to enhance your own ideas -

Grant awarding bodies now want to know how applicants will disseminate their results and are keen to see engagement with a wide audience.  They are particularly keen to see public-funded research passed on to the public, at large, rather than hiding behind paywalls in specialised academic journals.  
At Novo Science we can help you carry this out.  Why use up precious resources and staff hours, taking you from the very research that you're funded to carry out, when you can commission us to create a public-focussed event, based on your own novel data?


Public perception of science

How can we, as scientists,  change some of the more negative perceptions, whilst maintaining the positive ones?

Scientists must do more to be visible and to explain their research in an accessible and entertaining way.  Frankly we scientists are odd because the science alone sustains our interest and "floats our boats"; after all, that's why we're scientists.  "Normal" people often see science as a joyless, hard-to-understand and sometimes scary proposition.  It is up to us - the scientists - to accurately communicate both our research discoveries and also, more importantly, our enthusiasm for our subjects and how they could impact on people's lives.

Some examples of our work

Created for display, at a livery yard in the Scottish Borders, to raise awareness of how to prevent infection with this serious disease of horses.
Museum of curiosities at Museum Lates - having some fun dressing up for their Mary, Queen of Scots evening (note my head partially chopped off)  whilst showcasing the serious business of  medicinal herbs and their mechanisms of action.

Bad Bugs: Under Siege 
Melrose, 22nd Sept 2012

Dino DNA Cocktail at RBS Museum Lates - isolating DNA, whilst throwing in time travel, evolution, maladies, BLAST searches, molecular biology and microbiology
Novo Science can deliver one-day training sessions in science communication, customisable to your own needs.  Contact us for more information.  We will run these, in central Edinburgh, if demand is high enough, and we require a minimum of six participants.  We can also come to you.