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The illuminator 
Generative Art fused with Scientific Research
An immersive music and light show, which reminds us that we were all scientists once, before LIFE stepped in and knocked the wonderment out of us.

What is music, fundamentally, if not a network of interconnected sounds, drawing inspiration from existing work, yet creating something unique; fascinating given the limited range of sound that the human earn can recognise.  Yet music is so much more; we feel the vibrations through our body, it can transport us back decades, to often forgotten memories, and it can make us FEEL. 

The arts are open to interpretation in ways that many scientists insist data are not.  Consider that many scientific breakthroughs have come through the interconnection of apparently unrelated disciplines and, like musical compositions, building upon existing knowledge and experience. The power of artificial intelligence (AI) holds the key to unlocking these networks of related research that might uncover the major new breakthroughs in scientific understanding, so desperately needed. However, the illuminator will do so much more...

...stay tuned, in the coming months, for exciting news on a new show which merges artificial intelligence with the creation of immersive music, light and theatre; something for all abilities, interests and backgrounds.  You will be in control of your experience, which will be completely unique to you and depends upon the questions you ask...